About us

Welcome to NeoClick!

This new concept accelerates the transformation of business in the digital world. One of the most important features provided by the SEBC is that these cards are updatable at any time and anywhere, and it is straightforward to share, as it is compatible with all modern devices and browsers, accessible through the dedicated link, or through the quick response (QR) code and NFC Technolgy.

SEBC offers a new innovative method that includes People, entities such as Companies, Establishments, Factories, or Holdings. It is a card that carries primary data about the system user so that communication remains possible between the user and his customers. It also offers you the ease of creating, sharing, and exchanging smart and personal cards.

About the Company

In light of current conditions in the world, all companies seek to shift from traditional systems to the digital world. Therefore, NeoClick company has worked to provide a permanent solution and therefore introduced a Smart Electronic Business Card (SEBC), which is a digital business card integrated with a complete system for building and developing business via the Internet and reducing paper use.